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Last Saturday (10/22/22) we hosted our annual Halloween Extravaganza!! It was a blast as always! We'll post pics here and some on our socials. the line up was Grandeur, Buff pups then us with comedy by Shawn Bahm and Chris Brotherton between the bands. As per tradition the cops showed up but we didn't even make it past 6:30 this year!! We still continued with shortened sets and wrapped before they could make it back around. Looking forward to next year!!

Fortunately we have one more spooky season show come up tomorrow Friday 10/28/22 is going to be an interesting one to say the least!!! Rawktober at the Jackson Inn is having killer local bands play tribute sets to some killer 90s and 2000s bands check our "Upcoming Shows" for more info! We'll be rocking a deep cuts set as Nirvana cus we like being a pain in the ass!! No hits here Baby!!! Well maybe one or two

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