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We were the featured artist last week at the Jackson Inn!!

We always love playing at The Jackson Inn but last week was great! We played there 3 times in 7 days 😂 One we played our all Nirvana set for Rawktober which went great and another we were the featured artist!

Joe Havens did an awesome write up on us:

"Oh, boy. I’m still cleaning the make up and recovering from the sugar high of last weeks costume party. Time to bring the music back on this wonderful Wednesday night at The Jackson Inn!

This weeks featured artist: The Low Sundays!

Shawn Stepp, Patrick Gaston Sweeney and Gabe Woodside make up The Low Sundays and are proving to be one of the

hardest-bluesy bands around. They have a natural chemistry, and a positive energy. Making them the most badass dudes with hearts of gold. The Low Sundays have an infectious habit of making you want to tear the roof off the venue from the sheer power of their sound, while also making you want dance like no one’s watching. The first time they showed up to The Jackson Inn’s open mic, I recognized Gabe from playing keyboard with Its All Good Band’s Live Karaoke. I was throughly impressed with his ability on the Keys. So, imagine my delight seeing him setting up the drums, and a vocal mic. Shawn, I had met for the first time when they showed up to open mic. His easy going and humorous nature makes him a great frontman, but when he starts shredding on bass and singing he shows his sharpest of edges. Gaston, I also met that night, and exudes the attitude of bassist, but the hands of lead guitar. Laid back, cool as the breeze, and heavy with the riffs. The Low Sundays are always a welcomed band at Jackson Inn for their kindness and support to other musicians of the area, and continue to be another band that inspires me to keep digging into the passion of music."

We definitely appreciate the kind words and love the Jackson Inn and the open mic. Always a great time with awesome people!

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