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The Era of The Damned

As the year of 2022 comes to an end. We just want to thank everyone that has came out and rocked out with us this past year! We cant tell you how much your support of coming to shows, buying our album and pre-ordering our t-shirts means to us. We've had some amazing shows together this year and we hope to have your continued support in the future! The progress we have seen in the short time of being together is insane and we only have you to thank.

As 2023 begins we have decided to embrace the new! Though it will be far from "out with the old". Like the world around us we are evolving and ever changing. We plan to start work on our sophomore album and with it reworking the entire website adding super special features for subscribers (its free) also possibly maybe a tiny bit of rebranding but don't fret we will still be the Low Sundays you know and love. We have some crazy shows coming up in New York and The Grape Room in Philly plus a bunch in the works. so well see you there! We cant wait to show you the new material! We plan to take the rest of the year off of shows for the holidays and to get ready to hit 2023 as hard as possible but keep a lookout for more Era of The Damned posts in the coming weeks where we'll go in to everything about our album The Damned from concept to creation along with song ideas and lyrics!

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